Remote access
Fast and safe

New version of KHelpDesk remote access
Is 10x faster and with new features.
Available for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android

Fast, Easy, Safe and Free

Control remotely any computer with KHelpDesk,
Anywhere in the world as if you were
Sitting in front of it, with an end-to-end encrypted 2048-bit channel,
Even standing behind Firewalls and NATs!


Up to 10x Faster. Make your team day more enjoyable, save time and money with remote high-performance sessions


Your sessions will be simple and secure with end-to-end 2048-bit encryption, with no need to create VPNs or Redirect Ports

Customizable Modules

Create a totally customized version with your brand ... Security and Technology is ours but who appears is you!


With the version for macOS, iOS and Android you can connect on any computer wherever you are

Multiple Monitors

Support multiple monitors with individual or full viewing, switch between monitors easily.

Copy and Paste Files

With the new file transfer you can simply copy and paste, or use our optimized file manager to speed up large files, with the option to continue in case of a lost connection

Customers & Computers

Organize and manage computers that are separated by clients or groups, whether or not you share computers with your support team.

Unsupervised Access

Control computers / servers, without supervision, as if you were in front of him

Know the first steps!

If you first use of KHelpDesk and have doubts, watch our next orientation video. See why to use KHelpDesk, and get to know more about our product.

  • First Use
  • License Registration.
  • Configure Unsupervised Access.
  • Customers & Computers.
  • File transfer
  • Restart Remotely.

Control and manage computers easily

In the topic My Account of KHelpDesk you can keep your list of devices well organized, being able to register computers by groups or by clients; After registering the computers, with just two clicks you can start a remote session!

Groups and computers may or may not be shared with users in your account.

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